Arranging a funeral

When a death occurs we are confronted with many decisions and choices regarding the funeral service added to this we are also faced with the very normal feelings of grief and sadness. Here at Lytham Funeral Service we are here to help you make those choices and also allow you the space and time to mourn.

Once you have made contact with us and informed us of the death you are assured that everything is now in our capable hands. We will begin to advise you of all the necessary procedures required and arrange to meet you either in your own home or at our office to begin planning the funeral service.

The style of funeral service is entirely up to you and other family members. We will discuss the various types of service, religious and non religious with you and the many different options that can personalise a service that will allow you to truly celebrate the life of your loved one and at the same time give you and your family the chance to mourn their passing. We are very knowledgable of the many traditions so you can rely on our advice and experience.

You will never be told by us how you must have your funeral - you are in charge.

Every funeral we arrange and conduct will always include the following services unless otherwise requested:

- The personal attention of a qualified Funeral Director at all times.
- The transfer of the deceased from their place of death to our premises.
- Professional care and dressing of the deceased and use of Lytham Funeral Service's
quiet rooms for visits to pay your respects.
- A coffin or casket from our extensive range of English, European, American
Colourful and eco-friendly coffins.
- Administration regarding the funeral service, liaising with all concerned and delivery of paperwork to cemetery and crematorium authorities.
- Providing written confirmations to all concerned with the funeral service (clergy, family etc.)
- Providing a written itemised estimate of the charges relating to the funeral.
- The conducting of the funeral service including necessary staff.
- Provision of a motor hearse to funeral
- Handling of floral tributes and delivery after funeral to an address.
- Collection of charitable donations and listing and forwarding to the charity.
- Storage of cremated remains and delivery after the funeral.

Because we are all unique individuals every funeral is unique so please be aware that the above list is by no means definitive.

At Lytham Funeral Service we are here to help you plan a funeral not tell you what you must have or how you must do it, so let us listen to you and we will guide you and allow you to make the right choices.

We are also able to offer other services that in the past families have found a great help in planning the service they want:

- Floral tributes
- Catering
- Horse drawn hearse
- Motorcycle and sidecar hearse
- Order of Service sheets and Mass Booklets
- Photographs enlarged for display at church or chapel
- Condolence books
- Caskets and containers for cremated remains
- Music, readings, poetry for the service
- Organists, pipers and musicians
- Doves and balloons for releasing
- Rosary beads and crucifixes for the deceased
- Funeral jewellery (to contain a small amount of cremated remains)
- Fireworks (constructed using cremated remains)
- Memorials for the cemetery, new headstones or additional inscriptions.
- Grave markers and wooden crosses

If you have seen an item elsewhere let us know and we will do our utmost to obtain it for you.

Whatever type of funeral you plan you will always be guaranteed that David and Gillian Pope of Lytham Funeral Service will treat you with the care and respect that you deserve.

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